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Mastercard is a popular payment method. Chances are you already use Mastercard while playing on an online casino. Mastercard makes online gambling safer and easier. There are many online casinos in Australia that accept MasterCard as a payment method. In fact, it is effortless to find a MasterCard casino in Australia.

MasterCard started its journey in 1966 and is now trusted worldwide for its excellent security. Two years after the foundation, European banks paved the way for MasterCard to become international.

Mastercard casinos offer many advantages of using MasterCard as a payment method. Read below to find out more.

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The best online casinos accepting Mastercard deposits for Australians

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How to play in MasterCard online casinos

Online casinos that accept MasterCard give gamblers different kinds of bonuses and minimum deposit bonus for newcomers. It is used for both offline and online purchases and is renowned as the world's most significant credit and debit card issuer.

It is a no.1 choice for millions of people, whether for gambling sites or everyday work. Rules may vary from country to country.

Get Your MasterCard Issued

That can be quickly done by going to any Australian bank. MasterCard offers both credit and debit cards. Credit card payments are the most common. You most likely already have a Credit MasterCard if you are from Australia, the US, or Europe.

Register at a MasterCard Casino

Some of the best online casinos allow MasterCard, including a welcome bonus. Choose any of the reputable MasterCard casinos and start gambling. Different casinos offer different benefits, so choose the one that you find the best with good casino operators.

Choose MasterCard as the Payment Method

You can ask your cashier for MasterCard as the option, or if you are in an online casino, go to the payment page on online casino sites and select MasterCard from all the other options. Now deposit or withdraw as much as you want.

MasterCard Bonuses

Online casinos accepting MasterCard also give their customers amazing bonuses, which you can use for your benefit.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are awarded during your first wager at your chosen Mastercard casino or chosen online casino. Depending on the casino, the welcome bonus can be 50% or 100%.

Always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before making the first wager. Wagering requirements and necessary to know. Also, these bonuses are instant deposits, so you do not have to wait for some time before you can use them.

Free Spins

Free spins are rewarded for the promotion of a new game or to loyal customers who are dedicated to the casino for an extended period. Free spins are fantastic for winning even more money for free, but it is necessary to ensure that your winnings match the wagering requirements for withdrawing.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is rarely awarded, so consider yourself lucky if you get hold of one. These bonuses are given in cases such as promoting a new game or casino milestones.

Payment Method

It is easy to pay with MasterCard as a payment option, but your transactions in the casino will be shown in your MasterCard account and bank account. In short, you won't be able to enjoy anonymity as you can do in some other alternatives. But apart from that, the payment method is easy, and it takes only between two and four days for your cash funds to be transferred to your account.

Fees and Commissions

Many online casinos accept Mastercard, but most casino withdrawals are free. In rare cases, Mastercard charges a 2% commission fee. You should also contact your preferred bank before your deposit, as some banks take a small fee when depositing.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

How to deposit with MasterCard in an online casino

After you are done creating an account in a MasterCard online casino, choose Mastercard as the deposit method. Each casino has a minimum deposit and maximum deposit range, the same as MasterCard deposits. MasterCard casino range is between $10-$10,000. Some banks may charge a small fee for this.

Fill in The Necessary Information

You will have to fill in your name, surname, the card's expiry date, and the three-digit security code on your card's back. Now, all you will have to do is sit and wait for the confirmation. That can take several minutes, so don't worry!

MasterCard Withdrawal

Go to the withdrawal section from one of your chosen Australian online casinos and select MasterCard as the option. MasterCard users can withdraw a maximum of $5,000, depending on the MasterCard casinos. There is always a minimum and maximum sum for withdrawal.

Enter Necessary Information

You will have to enter details like your first name, surname, the three-digit code, etc.

Wait For Verification

Verification can take from some minutes to a maximum of five days.


MasterCard debit cards and credit cards are used worldwide. Most online casinos use MasterCard in Australia. If you are going through any problems with your card, your bank can help you or head over to the Mastercard website.

MasterCard also protects your cards from being misused by identifying theft with their Mastercard ID Theft Protection, so you do not have to worry about your credit card payments.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Using MasterCard

  • MasterCard is available on almost any gambling website.
  • Your funds and money are safe with Mastercard, including your personal information and credit and debit cards.
  • They offer deposits instantly without charging anything extra, and you can deposit large sums of money.
  • Loyal MasterCard users will benefit from frequent bonuses, cashback, and promos.
  • Your MasterCard can be used with banking apps for more convenience.
  • You can select from a wide range of games with your MasterCard.
  • MasterCard offers a Mastercard SecureCode that you can use for online purchases. This code must be used every time an online purchase is made. MasterCard users can also use a unique token which they can use instead of using the sixteen-digit pin at the back of their cards.
  • MasterCard offers prepaid cards that function like debit cards, except they can be issued without a bank account. A prepaid card helps with not overspending.

Cons of Using MasterCard

  • It can take up to five days to receive the withdrawn cash.
  • You will be charged a 2% fee sometimes.
  • Some casinos in the US do not support MasterCard.
  • MasterCard transactions are visible on your statements, so there is no chance of anonymity.
  • MasterCard has a credit limit which can hinder depositing money. It is best to know the limit beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.
  • MasterCard credit card is better not used if you are someone who overspends while gambling.


MasterCard is great for real money gambling and also for game providers. Most Mastercard casinos offer welcome bonuses, free spins, and much more. It is mostly free for both deposit and withdrawal and is trusted by millions worldwide. You can use MasterCard for live casinos and online casinos. It is safe to use Mastercard as these cards come with industry-level security MasterCard.

MasterCard is also the winner of many awards for its fantastic quality and service to its customers. They have appeared in Fortune 500 many times. So you can do online gambling with the guarantee of safety for your funds. MasterCard also has a fantastic customer support service to help you with any issues you may have.


Is It Safe to Use MasterCard for Online Gambling?

Yes, MasterCard is a very safe and secure way to deposit and withdraw money from your online casino account. Your personal and financial information is always protected when you use MasterCard.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using MasterCard at an Online Casino?

The main disadvantage of using MasterCard at an online casino is that your credit card statement will show all of your transactions. This can be a problem if you want to keep your gambling activities private.

Can I Use My MasterCard to Withdraw Money from My Online Casino Account?

Yes, you can use your MasterCard to withdraw money from your online casino account. However, it may take up to five days for the funds to appear in your account.

Are There Any Fees Associated with Using MasterCard at an Online Casino?

There may be some fees associated with using MasterCard at an online casino. However, these fees are usually very small (2%) and are worth it for the convenience and safety of using this payment method.

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