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Live Casino games are prominent all around the globe for their amalgamation of realism and an interactive online gambling experience. You get Las Vegas at your feet or in your hands, all around you as you make your way in the dealer’s room. The best casino sites are rife with the safest and most enjoyable Live Casinos. 

With live casinos, you receive a montage of an ongoing casino game. You can use actual casino tools in the video and place your bets with a real dealer in the virtual realm. You can play on both mobile and computer or any advanced device. In Australia, live casinos are in high demand. Aussie players would do anything to play a live game. 

You don’t want to be left out, do you? So go through this article to get acquainted and adjust to the ABCs of live casinos.

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What Is A Live Casino?

A traditional gambler accustomed to the waters of the land-based casinos may not comprehend the thrill of the massive gambling industry surrounding online casinos. This is quite similar to the story of the fish that never walked the earth. The fish never realized the vastness of the planet beyond the deep sea. 

Now we know that interaction is very scarce in online casinos. But is that what lures people to casinos in the first place? 

Online gambling has much more to them than that. However, you also get some of the interaction. You can speak directly with real dealers ( not a bot) by going live with them on the game. Simultaneously, you can feel all the joy from gambling in a relaxing environment. It’s like getting a celebrity experience by having a dealer visit your place directly to play the most popular games with you. 

But here’s the catch, you will need stable internet. Or you may lose sight of your live dealer dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. The video is always broadcasted in the best camera quality so that the visuals won’t be a problem. However, less reputable online casinos may not have the most competent dealers. So your first job is to have a conversation with the dealer over the live game to have the highest success rate. 

We ensure you that the types of equipment and live dealers will be attractive for you and other players. It will be just like your good ol’ casino. So come on and bless your eyes. It is also harder to fool players when the casino tools are real and not some code-based program. That’s why a huge number of gamers find live casinos more reliable. Online and automatic versions of the real game might be safe, but it’s sometimes similar to walking on eggshells(which no one wants).

How to Pick a Live Online Casino


Ensure that your money and personal information are safe. Always be cautious while selecting an online casino, and heed the licensed casinos with a legitimate license to operate. We have found that the major online casinos are the most trustworthy and provide the greatest live dealer games and game plays.

Live Casino Games

All live casino sites need a good range of popular games to choose from. Not only should they be plenty, but also qualitative. As a player seeking an online casino, first, check out the collection of games the live casino offers. The casino needs to be interesting enough to engage its players. And what makes it interesting? The popular games. And specifically, the game the customer wants. 

To remain at a casino for an extended period, you must be familiar with the games you enjoy. It's a good idea to check out such games with live dealers that you can find at a particular online casino before signing up for an account.

Software Provider

It is critical to choose the right software provider. Players expect a hassle-free experience and a functional user interface. The video may be grainy and substandard, with an inaccessible layout if the developer hasn't produced a decent product. To guarantee that Australian gamers have a seamless and pleasurable experience, you should utilize one of the other fantastic live casino providers out there.


Whether a gambler intends to play live games or regular online games, player safety is the most crucial consideration. Players should verify that the casino has a valid license and is subject to periodic checks to ensure that the games and equipment are random and not rigged.

Mobile app/site

Many expert gamblers may not prioritize this factor. Still, if you want to play your favourite games on the go, we recommend checking out the mobile games with live dealers the online casino has to serve.

Customer Service

With our assistance, you won't have any trouble selecting the most fantastic live dealer casino. However, after signing up with live casino sites, you should be able to contact customer service if required. You'll be able to relax and enjoy your time on the site if it has a solid customer service team comprised of professionals.

Payment Methods

To get started with banking, you only need to be aware of all of the available alternatives. Only pay in the way that is most convenient for you. You should immediately check to see whether the online casino you've chosen has any issues with payment methods or, for example, limits on payments. In addition, you should quickly find out. Without the ability to cash out your winnings, there's no use in playing live dealer tables in the first place.

Got any CashBack?

Why not get rewarded for simply playing your favourite games? Consider your wants and objectives while selecting a casino. Experienced gamblers at online casinos with live dealers get the most out of the cashback and deposit bonuses provided to them.

The Benefits of Live Casino

The wonders of live casinos are great, even more so than digital online gambling. Live dealer casino games offer benefits and the best promotions that you can seldom find in online gaming. All these plus points aside, I think e all crave a little intimacy and nostalgia. You can feel the aura of a real casino when you are gambling live and talking with your fellow gamblers.

As fantastic as online casino games, we don't find the interactive and realistic experience. Live casinos tend to bridge the gap between realism and online play, giving you the best of both worlds. The best websites should allow players to chat with other players and real dealers.

As live casinos online do not apply Random number generators, the players find the results more beneficial. An online casino poses many risks to players' safety. The many detectors that challenge the risk factor don't make it easier for players to decide. So the live casinos give them ease with traditional tools like land-based casinos.

Players find transparency and originality in ordinary tools more reliable than coded programs of an online casino. Traditional and conservative players prefer live games to other types, mostly.

The Disadvantages of Live Casino

Live casinos have their perks and also a few pitfalls worth noting. Though these pitfalls aren't worth cancelling, it's good to know if they affect you more than other players.

One problem with live casinos is that they consume a lot of internet connections. So you need a handy amount to help yourself. That doesn't supply a consistent network and internet if you live somewhere. You might be at a disadvantage. This also means you can't play live when you are out and about because of the big phone data a live session will suck.

The betting limits also hike high with live gambling. But what did you expect? You are getting a premium experience with top tier dealers while the operating price is faring high. Heck, even the minimum deposit is more significant than usual.

Live Casino Bonuses

Casinos online are replete with endless bonuses, as we all know. But live casinos have more of them. The providers exclusively made the surplus bonuses you receive by playing live casino games for live interaction. You can play live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat or live ultimate texas hold'em and receive special offers.

You can receive tons of offers by playing live dealer games like American roulette or live baccarat with a minimum deposit. If you play blackjack, free spins and other free chances will be at your avail. Players can also ordain gameplay and live tourneys for free bets. You can consider these gifts from the casino to give you an authentic gaming and online casino experience.

These tourneys allow you to bet to a vast number, as per your wish. Pre-selected matches are typically the best way for players to rise in the rankings. Meaning that while it may cost money, it will be profitable in the end. Prizes in live casino tournaments tend to be more elaborate than slot machine tournaments.

As for new players, each of them always gets the most welcoming experience in casinos with a welcome bonus. The casinos usually give a welcome bonus with their first deposit.

Players have the opportunity to win an all-inclusive trip to any number of renowned vacation spots, including Las Vegas, Thailand, Malta, Great Britain and all around the world. If you'd like to know which part of the world and when you can take advantage of these exclusive discounts, keep an eye on the casino sites.

Online Casinos' Wagering Requirements

Players should deal with the word "free" with a pinch of salt when it comes to casinos. Why yes, we do receive incredible bonuses now and then in casinos, but they don't come without conditions. Slot and deposit bonuses are apparent. A welcome bonus is expected, too, from live dealer casino games. But only under certain circumstances can they be acquired.

Upon reading the wagering requirements, you will find the amount and the times you need to deposit to ordain your awaited bonus. So before you get puzzled about why you haven't gotten your prize yet, try going through the terms under which the bonus lies.

If you're looking for casino bonuses for slots, then all of your money goes into wagering. Put another way: If the wagering requirements state that the bets must meet x10, and the player has received $ 10 in bonus monies, wagered $10, and then played $10, then 10% of the wagering requirements have been met. Because the stakes are more significant and players typically have a larger maximum bet while playing in a live casino, the bonus terms might be more complicated.

High rollers - those who play for large stakes - will notably benefit from this sort of incentive. Only 10% of a bet can be wagered on classic casino games, including live blackjack, American roulette, video poker, live baccarat, craps, live ultimate Texas Hold'em and Hi-Lo. This is the common regulation in most casinos. Although the bets may meet wagering requirements by putting a bet on both live casino games and slot machines, most players can meet them by doing so.

What is the difference between a Live Casino and an Ordinary Online Casino?

Live dealer games are poles apart from the online games you are used to playing. While they look alike and have similar options, their structure is different indeed. In the live world, players have a real dealer that helps them maneuver the game while giving them the reins to assert control. You get a gist of the whole gambling experience and play responsibly in the live version.

Online gambling sites use a Random Number Generator to enumerate the wins and losses. Whereas in live casinos, manual actions that you and others make directly relate to the rate of winning. That gives players the chance to use more natural strategies with counting cards to be one of them. It doesn't allow them full winning odds; then again, the possibilities are endless.

Players can use their senses and information when it comes to resources to evaluate their path. And we know the matter of fraud is much less likely when you go live, but it can never be ruled out. So the dealer needs to be conscious of the identity of the players and make sure no one is sneaking.


Online casinos are everyone's favourite. We know Aussies love them, at least, specifically Aus online casinos. But does it really catch up to the lore of the real casinos? What could make it better and seem more accurate in the midst of a pandemic? Live Casinos. Live Casinos draw the gap between the online and real gambling world where they get the best of both.

By protecting your privacy and your health and saving time and money spent commuting to the best casinos in the world, you are receiving all the luxury you want at home. You couldn't have asked for more, could you? Having read this article, you probably precisely know what you want. So get on the live casino bandwagon already!


What is a live casino?

In a live casino, players may enjoy the benefits of both online and brick-and-mortar casinos in one convenient experience. A simple table, realistic equipment, and a live dealer are available to the player through the internet. 

Players may partake in their favourite casino games in a specifically designed area or the main hall of a genuine land-based casino. Players can converse with one other and the dealer using the game's online chat feature. This option is only available to those who have the money to spend.

What are the best providers?

Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt are three of the most popular suppliers of live casinos. Also, MediaLive, Ezugi, VIVO Gaming, and Authentic Gaming products are frequently seen at the casino.

How to play at Live Casinos?

The providers divided the gameplay into two halves. The player and the dealer are on opposite sides of the screen. A gambler may play from either a PC or laptop by using a smartphone or tablet. This person is allowed entry to all of the game settings, including online chat and wagering options. On the other hand, the dealer is in charge of the gaming. Customers join a table based on the sort of game they've selected.

It's always a good idea to get familiar with the game's regulations before gambling. As an illustration, please familiarize yourself with the blackjack dealer regulations before getting started, as they might vary according to your service provider, game variety, and other factors.

When there are enough players present, the dealer begins the game after the participants have had a chance to establish their wager boundaries.

Which games are available in live casinos?

Live casinos consist of various live games, along with the less popular ones. Players can also find different versions of the same games. Games like live roulette, live blackjack, sic bo, poker, etc. games are available live.

What is the payout range that Live Casinos follow?

For Live Casino games, Evolution Gaming is an excellent choice. Gamblers may expect great payouts and a high return to player (RTP) % when they gamble from this provider. In the realm of Infinite Live Blackjack (99.47 per cent) and Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker, this supplier has the greatest Return To Player rates of any other provider (99.47 per cent).

Australia's Playtech is yet another outstanding live casino software developer. Live Blackjack Unlimited (99.5 per cent), Quantum Blackjack (99.47 per cent), and Live Roulette are just a few of the high-quality stuff they provide (99.5 per cent).

Can you play freely in live casinos?

Some game producers indeed provide a demo option for their games. It's impossible to play demos of regular games if you're not signed in or don't have an account. Restrictions apply when you use a fun balance to play at Live Casino.

Firstly, this equilibrium is finite and will come to an end at some point in the future. Another disadvantage of playing for fun is that you can't interact with the dealer or other players; this is only possible when playing for real money. Obviously, you cannot take the money gained out of the fun balance for other things.

Are live casino dealers professional and trained?

The live dealers are hundred per cent professional and specialized in dealing with a valid identity. A reputable casino also trains the dealers beforehand to render the gaming sessions quantitatively.

Can you communicate with the dealers?

In the majority of the live gameplay, there is a chat function for players to communicate with each other.

Why should I use 'online chat'?

This is so that players may ask the dealer questions and talk amongst themselves. The chat window is shown in a preview pane.

For better bargains, gamers can communicate with each other online. However, you must be aware of the game's regulations before entering the arena, so educate yourself with them before starting. You may sustain two-way communication and the appearance of presence by using this feature.

Where can you broadcast live casinos?

Live casinos are available in Baltic nations like Estonia and Latvia. Malta, Philipines, Romania, Costa Rica and the USA hosts many live sessions. Most casino providers you will find around town are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Betgames, and these are the more reliable ones.

How much can you bet in a live casino?

The lobby and the game you are playing decide the highest and lowest betting limits. You should notice a VIP table that hikes up higher than 10,000 AUD among the tables. With high limits, you have to compete with high stakes.

Will I play with other Australian players on the same live casino table?

If casino rules applied, you end up gambling on the same table, then yes. Typically, with other players, you share one table for blackjack, baccarat, poker, dice, roulette wheel, etc. What's better about the whole online activity is that no one else gets a peek at your bets.

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